K4KDJ Partners with Troop 704 for Jamboree On The Air (JOTA)

The Virgina Tech Amateur Radio Association will be camping with BSA Troop 704 of Blacksburg October 18-20 as part of the Jamboree On The Air (JOTA). JOTA is an international event which takes place the third full weekend of October every year in an effort to connect scouts around the world. VTARA will be running a 2-Alpha Field-Day style (2 HF transmitters running on emergency/generator power) operation from McDonald's Farm using the club call K4KDJ. K4KDJ will be QRV the evening of Friday, October 18 through Sunday morning.

In addition to using the radios, scouts will be building survival shelters Saturday morning and sleeping in them Saturday night.

For more information on Jamboree On The Air and Radio Scouting, please visit http://www.arrl.org/jamboree-on-the-air-jota.

Meeting Topic: Ham Radio and the 2013 National Scout Jamboree

Speaker: Nathaniel Frissell, W2NAF
Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 @ 7:00 PM
Location: Squires 219

The National Scout Jamboree is an enormous 2-week campout that brings together around 40,000 scouts, scouters, and visitors every four years. This year, the Scout Jamboree was held for the first time at its new permanent home, the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve in West Virginia. Ham radio has been a part of National Jamborees since the 1950s, and this year was no different. Jamboree Staff Member and VTARA Member Nathaniel Frissell will share the story of the K2BSA operation at the 2013 Scout Jamboree with photos, patches, and even a video of the International Space Station contact made between scouts and Astronaut Luca Parmitano.

HI Juno

K4KDJ members Shyam Nambiar, KK4ORE, Shenghou Ma, KV4RJ, Hunter Long, KJ4YQP, and Nathaniel Frissell, W2NAF, participated in the Hi Juno amateur radio-science experiment.

NASA's Juno spacecraft will fly past Earth on October 9, 2013 to receive a gravity assist from our planet, putting it on course for Jupiter. To celebrate this event, the Juno mission is inviting amateur radio operators around the world to say "HI" to Juno in a coordinated Morse Code message. Juno's radio & plasma wave experiment, called Waves, should be able to detect the message if enough people participate. So please join in, and help spread the word to fellow amateur radio enthusiasts!

This page will be updated with additional information as the event approaches. In addition, we have created a Facebook event page where you are welcome to a discuss this activity. We ask only that you be courteous and stay on topic.


2013 VT Homecoming Parade

This past Saturday, October 5th was the 2013 Virginia Homecoming Parade. The Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Association provided several volunteers to help organize the vehicles and floats taking part in the parade along the staging area on Eheart Street. The VTARA volunteers arrived a 7:30am and began to direct vehicles until the start of the parade at 9:00am. A very special thanks goes out to the VTARA members who volunteered for this event. They included Via (KK4EAB), Dr. Davis (W9KIC), Nathaniel (W2NAF), Shyam (KK4ORE), Patrick (KK4QZS), Ben (KK4EWT), and Matthew (KF4WZB). 

Oct. 2 Meeting and Space@VT Tour

This Wednesday's meeting is going to be held at the new Space@VT building (http://www.space.vt.edu/).  Prof. Greg Earle is going to give us a talk and a behind-the-scenes tour of the Space Science and Engineering research taking place at VT.  This includes topics such as upcoming Virginia Tech-led satellite missions, the SuperDARN project, and the proposed installation of the new Virginia Tech Ground Station.

First Meeting

Our first meeting will be Wednesday, September 4th, at 1900. The meeting will be held in Squires 232. We will be meeting at The Rivermill for pre-meeting food at 1800, for anyone who is interested.


Hope to see you there,

-Danny, K3WDT

Congratulations to New Hams!

Congratulations to all of the new and upgraded hams from the May 1, 2013 VE Session!  The session resulted in a total of 28 new Technicians and 5 new Generals.  This session was primarily the culmination of a Technician License class coordinated by Ron Angert, N4AJT.

We will have one final VE session this semester.  It will be held on Monday, May 6, 2013 at 7 PM in McBryde 455.  Please see the Get Your License page for details.

Intro to Communications

Joe Gaeddert's Introduction to Communications Slides

Click on the above link to access the slides Joe, KK4MNZ, presented at our 19 March 2013 meeting.  It was a great presentation and many of us learned something.  Thank you to everyone who came out to the meeting.


-Mitch WQ3C

K4KDJ Participates in February 2013 School Club Roundup

From February 11-15, 2013, operators from the Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Station competed as K4KDJ in the School Club Roundup.  The School Club Roundup is an ARRL/LIMARC sponsored contest to encourage schools of all levels to get on the air.  More in formation about the SCR can be found at http://www.arrl.org/school-club-roundup.

This semester, K4KDJ has a claimed score of 13386.  Read more for the contest score summary.


Service Event - March 2 - VT Cycling Club race in Maggie Valley


The Spring bike race that we normally assist with will be held on the 2nd of March.

This is typically an all-day affair.  Show up early morning, leave mid to late afternoon.

We would really like to have at least two communicators at each position, plus some rovers, and a shadow or two for refs and organizers.

If you don't have equipment, it will be provided for you.

Please let me know your availability ASAP.




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