Cookout Details!

We have confirmed Shelter II at the Blacksburg Municipal Park for the whole day on the 21st of October.

We reserved the pavilion for the whole day so that way setup/teardown isn't rushed if we end up staying around for a while.

Here's a rough plan:

Setup: 1200
Food Ready: 1330
Teardown: 1600, or whenever people leave

The club will be providing burgers, hot dogs, buns, soft drinks, and charcoal.  We'll need some people to volunteer to bring sides and other dishes to share.  

Fall Cookout 2012

Now announcing a set date for our Fall cookout this year:

21 October. (Sunday)


This event will most likely be at the park in Blacksburg, and setup for a big lunch.  More details to follow.

VTARA History Update & Slides From Yesterday's Meeting

It was great seeing so many people at the meeting last night.

Zach, KJ4QLP, gave an awesome presentation about amateur satellites.  His slides are now up on the Technical Articles page.


We've been hard at work trying to document some of VTARA's history as well, and we continue to welcome any contributions.

Office Hours Update

An update of our available office hours:


Day Time Op
Monday 1330-1530 Danny Tyndall K3WDT
Tuesday 1400-1600 Brandon Lester KJ4FWZ
Wednesday 0700-0900 Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF
  1200-1400 Mitch Davis WQ3C
Thursday 1200-1400 Zach Leffke KJ4QLP
  1400-1500 Hunter Long KJ4YQP
Friday 1430-1530 Hunter Long KJ4YQP

Antenna Tuner Training -- Thanks For Coming Out!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the antenna tuner training session on Thursday night!  Five people learned a little bit about the theory of operation with matching networks, VSWR, and how one can "tune by ear" before even keying up the transmitter.  The next training night will be Monday Oct 1st, and we will be covering how to set up PSK31 in the hamshack.

2012-09-13 Net Report






Dr. Dennis Sweeney, call sign WA4LPR, will be attending our next meeting to pitch an exciting opportunity to participate in an Earth-Moon-Earth (aka Moon Bounce) project.

How to Operate HF Digital at K4KDJ

Signup for the HF Digital modes (PSK-31, RTTY, Olivia, MFSK, etc.)

Antenna Tuner Operation

Next Thursday I will host a training session on the operation of the
antenna tuners in the VTARA hamshack.

September 04, 2012

Meeting minutes for September 04, 2012

Lots of new changes to the club were discussed.  See the details by following the links.


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