Weekly 2M FM Net

VTARA holds weekly nets on the air, every Thursday at 9 PM, local time. The club uses the W9KIC repeater; 146.715 (-). The first Thursday of each month is a simplex net on the output frequency of the repeater. The weekly net is an exercise in controlled traffic, and permits an opportunity for club members to test equipment and chat on the air about anything of interest.


If you have no equipment and wish to participate, you may check out a transceiver from the equipment closet.


Net Control Operator Schedule


Download the Net Script With This Link


HTML Version of Net Script


PDF Version of Net Script

Example Net Check-In


The text below illustrates a new ham, KJ4YQP checking into their first net, with KK4EAB as the net control operator. This traffic occurs after the preamble is recited by net control.




Net-Control (KK4EAB): At this time, any portable or mobile stations, please call now.


KI4RIX: K-I-4-R-I-X stroke portable


Net-Control: KI4RIX portable, thank you very much. Any comments for the net before we proceed with regular checkins?


KI4RIX: I'm en-route to the hamshack from the parking lot right now. I'll be firing up the HF rigs if anyone is interested in stopping by this evening. Back to net control. KI4RIX


Net-Control: Thank you for the check-in. At this time, we'll take stations with announcements or traffic, please call now.


W2NAF: W-2-N-A-F, one announcement


Net-Control: I heard W2NAF with one announcement, thank you. And now a call for anyone who wishes to check in to the VTARA net, please call now.




WQ3C: W-Q-3-C






Net-Control: Thank you, I copied KJ4YQP, WQ3C, KJ4OAP, and KK4DZZ. W2NAF KK4EAB go ahead with your announcement.


W2NAF: Thank you net control, I just want to remind everyone of our upcoming VE session next Tuesday evening in Squires. I hope to see all our VE's there!


Net-Control: Thanks for that reminder. And lets check in on 'RIX. KI4RIX KK4EAB are you still with us


KI4RIX: Yeah we're in the shack now just getting situated. KI4RIX


Net-Control: Alright, and now to the check-ins, KJ4YQP from KK4EAB, good evening


KJ4YQP: Thank you, the name here is Hunter and I'm near downtown Blacksburg. Not much else going on this evening, I just finally got my first antenna up and wanted to get on the air.


Net-Control: Thanks for checking in with us, Hunter, and that antenna is doing a good job. You sound full quieting on the repeater. Next we have WQ3C. WQ3C KK4EAB go ahead.






The previous transcript shows a typical sequence of check-ins and the recognition that net control gives to each station. A portable station is someone who is using an HT while out and about. A mobile station is typically a station using a vehicle-mounted radio and antenna. The portable and mobile stations are recognized first because they may move to a spot where they cannot reach the repeater, or they may reach their destinations before all the check-ins are completed.