K4KDJ and the Fall 2014 School Club Roundup

K4KDJ was on the air during the week of October 20-24, 2014 for the Fall 2014 School Club Roundup.  The School Club Roundup is a week-long, biannual ham radio contest sponsored by the American Radio Relay League with a focus on increasing ham radio activity in schools radio clubs of all levels.  This semester's effort was led by Virginia Tech student John Herrick, KK4BSM. Other operators included W2NAF, and KJ4OAP. We also had help from numerous loggers and people providing support in various ways, including KM4EGE, KV4RJ, K3IW, KB3WPR, and many others.

For Fall 2014, K4KDJ claimed 1057 QSOs (contacts) and 358,848 points.  This is the highest score for the SCR in VTARA history, and likely the second highest score in School Club Roundup history to date.