Vintage Radio Exhibition at Virginia Tech Library

As part of the Wireless@VT 25th Anniversary Symposium, a vintage radio exhibition will be held at the Virginia Tech Newman Library on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 from 3 PM - 8 PM in the basement multipurpose room. This exhibit will feature radio equipment from early in the 20th Century through modern day. Radios on exhibit include vintage consumer radio receivers in wooden cases, early shortwave receiving equipment, amateur radio transceivers, morse code keys (and live demonstration station), vintage military radio, radios from the Motorola Museum, and a variety of cellular phones.

Many of the pieces for this exhibition have been made available by members of the Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Association (VTARA/K4KDJ) and may also be seen in this history video:

More information on the 25th Anniversary of Wireless@VT may be found here: