Community Service

VTARA assists in multiple public service events throughout the course of each school year.

  • Virginia Tech Homecoming Parade (October)
  • Blacksburg Christmas Parade (December)
  • Virginia Tech Cycling Event (April)


Virginia Tech Cycling Event (updated 6/2015)

       Date: every April

       Location:  Maggie, VA, ( 37.423804, -80.381435), the intersection of Johns Creek Road (SR 632) and Dicks Creek Road (658)

       Directions:    From I-81, take exit 118, 460 west towards VT.  Follow 460 west and turn right onto route 42 east in Newport.  Follow for approximately 10 miles and turn left onto route 658 towards Craig Springs.  Follow for roughly four miles veering right to stay on John's Creek Mountain Road.  At T, turn right on 632 towards Craig Springs and proceed for less than one mile to staging and registration.


Operation involves establishing a network of fixed and mobile stations along the race course.  A net control station directs all operations from the Black Diamond Ranch at Maggie, VA. 

Fixed stations include; Net Control, Start/Finish, East Bridge, Blind Turn, Turn A, Turn B, Mudlick, and 636.  

Mobile stations: Gopher, (Lead/Chase 1-x)

 The Gopher is responsible for transporting equipment and operators to each location on an as-needed basis.  Lead/Chase units ride along in race vechiles.  VTARA supplies mobile equipment to operate.

Cycling Race Documentation

VT Cycling Race 2016 Pictures

VT Cycling Race 2013 Pictures