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Special Visiting Guest Speakers - Wednesday March 22, 2017

There will be a special meeting tomorrow (3/22) from 7:15 pm (sharp) to about 8:30 pm in Squires 232 (not Squires 342). This meeting will feature presentations from visiting guest speakers Dr. Anthea Coster and Dr. Phil Erickson (W1PJE) of MIT Haystack Observatory. Dr. Coster will give a talk titled "Brief Introduction and Examples of Satellite Tracking at Radio Frequencies". Dr. Erickson will speak about "New Amateur Radio Collaborations at MIT Haystack Observatory". (See the following abstracts for details.) Everyone (members and non-members) are invited to attend and we will provide Carol Lee doughnuts. Also, before the meeting, we will be taking Dr. Coster and Dr. Erickson out to dinner at the Cellar (302 North Main Street, next to Chipotle) around 5pm. Everyone is invited to join us there for dinner and casual conversation!

Paul Bernhardt presents on High Power HF Transmitter Sites around the World

Dr. Paul Bernhardt (KF4FOR) gave a presentation on High Power HF Transmitter Sites around the World at VTARA's February 17, 2016 meeting. Paul is Head of the Space Use and Plasma Environment Section of the Plasma Physics Division of the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC. His PowerPoint is available at the link bellow if you missed it or are interested in looking over it again.

HAARP for Hams

Juno Satellite Hears Ham Radio Operators: Virginia Tech Featured in Results Video

When NASA's Juno spacecraft will flew past Earth on October 9, 2013 on its way to Jupiter, ham radio operators from all over the world said "HI" to the satellite using morse code on the 28 MHz/10 m band. Operators from VTARA participated in the event from K4KDJ. Juno project scientists have analyzed the satellite data and were able to decode to the "HI" message sent to the satellite. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory just released a video showing the results of the experiement. VTARA members Shyam Nambiar, KK4ORE, Shenghou Ma, KV4RJ, and Nathaniel Frissell, W2NAF were all interviewed by JPL and can be seen in the video.

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