Special Visiting Guest Speakers - Wednesday March 22, 2017

There will be a special meeting tomorrow (3/22) from 7:15 pm (sharp) to about 8:30 pm in Squires 232 (not Squires 342). This meeting will feature presentations from visiting guest speakers Dr. Anthea Coster and Dr. Phil Erickson (W1PJE) of MIT Haystack Observatory. Dr. Coster will give a talk titled "Brief Introduction and Examples of Satellite Tracking at Radio Frequencies". Dr. Erickson will speak about "New Amateur Radio Collaborations at MIT Haystack Observatory". (See the following abstracts for details.) Everyone (members and non-members) are invited to attend and we will provide Carol Lee doughnuts. Also, before the meeting, we will be taking Dr. Coster and Dr. Erickson out to dinner at the Cellar (302 North Main Street, next to Chipotle) around 5pm. Everyone is invited to join us there for dinner and casual conversation!

March 26 Meeting: Hams in Space: An Overview of Amateur Radio Satellites and Satellite Operation

March 26, 2014, 7:00 PM, Squires 219
Zach Leffke, KJ4QLP

This week’s VTARA meeting will cover a variety of topics pertaining to Amateur Radio Satellites. Zach Leffke, KJ4QLP, will show how they are launched, how to track them, Doppler shift, polarization considerations, modes of operation, and where to look up information about them. An overview of various ground station configurations, from simple to fairly complex, will be presented. Participants will learn about amateur satellite operation procedures and will have an opportunity see real ground station equipment. Zach will also lead a discussion about a future vision for satellite operations from the K4KDJ shack. Zach also hopes to bring plenty of show-and-tell type of equipment, as well as give us an update on recently launched satellites and a look toward what is coming in the future.

There is a chance we *might* be going outside for some of this meeting, so dress appropriately!

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